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  25-Year Reunion
Festival Hall on Racine's lakefront was selected as the site for our 25-year reunion held in the evening of Saturday, June 17, 1989.  At that time, St. John Nepomuk had moved their annual parish festival from the school grounds to the festival park.  Our reunion was held in conjunction with the 1989 SJN weekend parish festival

We had a tremendous response to our mailings for this reunion as over 75% of our graduating class sent back a response.  The turnout for the reunion was just as impressive with 40% of our graduating class attending.
The facilities were great with the dinner being catered and our own personal bar set up inside.  Classmates were able to enjoy the lakefront as well as some of the other activities the festival had to offer.

We invited all of the former staff members that we could locate and we were happy to have the following special guests join us: Sr. Joselda,
Sr. Virgil (they both still had those great smiles), Fr. Sukup and
Fr. Rodriguez.

It was great to see so many of our classmates in attendance, rekindle some of our old friendships and "catch up" with each other on what's been happening since.  Those classmates who were unable to attend were missed.  This first reunion since graduation was a special evening enjoyed by all who attended and would be talked about for years to follow.
The "Green Room" located at the east end of Festival Hall was reserved for the Class of 1964's reunion.

Since the Internet was not available to us in 1989, the search to find everyone was a very difficult task.  Unfortunately, we were not able to locate about 10 of our classmates.  With the exception of that small portion of our class, we were able to contact the remaining majority of our classmates and provide them with an update on the Class of 1964.

It was interesting to see that 70 of our 92 graduates were still living in Wisconsin.  Forty-four of those, or almost 50% of our graduating class, were still residents of Racine after 25 years.  Those who had relocated
out-of-state were spread over 13 other states across the U.S.  No one was living outside the country.