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  40-Year Reunion
The Dock's Restaurant located at Racine's harbor was the site of our  40-year reunion held in the evening of Saturday, June 26, 2004.  The banquet room located at the west end of the second floor proved to be the perfect size for this event and provided a fantastic atmosphere not   to mention great scenery with the surrounding lake and harbor.

We were again impressed with the tremendous response to our mailings for this event with almost 80% of our class responding or contacting us in conjunction with this reunion.  The great turnout for our reunion matched that of our 25-year celebration with 41% of our graduating class attending. 
Many of our classmates had relocated since our 25-year reunion. The Internet was a great resource for helping us locate our graduating class.  This time, we were able to confirm the contact information for all but two of our classmates.  In addition to the information regarding our 40-year celebration, we mailed everyone who was unable to attend the reunion, an update on the Class of 1964.

We were saddened to learn about the passing of four of our classmates since our 25-year reunion.  It was a reminder to us of how short life can be and gave us a greater appreciation for making time to be a part of these periodic celebrations.  

Although some of the addresses changed, we found that our class still had not migrated too much since graduating in 1964.  At the time of our 40-year reunion, 68 of us were still located in Wisconsin (compared to 70 last time), and 38 were still residents of Racine (compared to 44 last time).  Those who had relocated out-of-state were spread over 16 other states across the U.S (compared to 13 last time).  Again, no one was living outside the country.
It was hard to believe that we could have a reunion that would surpass the 25-year event, but we did.  Perhaps we just get better with age. The reactions of our classmates as they walked in and greeted each other were very inspiring.  We are truly blessed to have a graduating class that is comprised of such a unique and wonderful group of individuals.

It took quite a while to get everyone to move from the social hour to the tables for dinner.  They just didn't want to stop visiting with one another.  The evening didn't seem to have enough time in it to do all the catching up we wanted to do.  As the last call was made by the bar at 1:00 am, a good number of our classmates were still taking advantage of the time they had to spend with each other.

Those classmates who were unable to attend this event were missed.  It is our hope that everyone will keep in mind the upcoming 50-year celebration in the summer of 2014.  It would be great to see everyone there.