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  50-Year Reunion
The Reefpoint Brew House, which is located at Racine's lakefront, was the site of our 50-year reunion. The event was held on Saturday, June 21, 2014. The banquet room located on the second floor has an outside deck overlooking the harbor and Lake Michigan.

The response to our mailings was amazing with over 90% of our class responding or contacting us regarding our special 50-year reunion. The turnout for our reunion exceeded all others with 50% of our graduating class attending.  
There again was a lot of relocation of our classmates since our last 40-year reunion. We were able to confirm the contact information for all but two of our graduating class. We provided everyone with the Class of 1964 website information as a means of keeping them up to date with the class.

We were saddened to learn about the passing of six more of our classmates since our 40-year reunion, bringing the total to 10 that are now deceased. They were remembered during our pre-meal prayer and it made us that much more grateful for the time we had to spend with each other during our weekend activities.   

Although a number of the addresses had changed, we found that our class still had not migrated too much since graduating in 1964. At the time of our 50-year reunion, 73% of us still lived in the state of Wisconsin (compared to 77% at our 40-year and 76% at our 25-year), and 41% were still residents of Racine (compared to 43% at our 40-year and 48% at our 25-year). Those who had relocated out-of-state were living in 15 different states across the U.S (compared to 16 at our 40-year and 13 at our 25-year). Once again, no one was living outside the country. 
Because this was a special 50-year reunion, it was a two-day event. On Sunday, June 22nd, we celebrated Mass together at St. John Nepomuk Church. This was followed by a tour of our school which brought back many memories of our school days there. All this was topped off with a fantastic brunch which was held in the school hall where we had our 8th grade graduation dance. Over 60% of those attending the reunion Saturday night continued their celebration by attending the Sunday activities together.

There was a lot of discussion during this reunion weekend about having the next reunion in five years instead of waiting another ten years. We decided to poll our classmates to determine the level of interest in a 55-year reunion before making a decision.

This was really a great celebration for all who attended.... the best of the three by far. It's been said before, but needs to be repeated, we are truly blessed to have a graduating class that is comprised of such a unique and wonderful group of individuals.

Those classmates who were unable to attend this event were missed. We will keep everyone posted as to our plans for the next reunion. It would be great to see everyone there.