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How long has it been since graduation day June 12, 1964 ?
   57 Years  7 Months

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  We are trying to confirm the contact information for these

           Kathleen Locke (Kaye?)

           Shirley Reichenberger (Alvarez?)

Roseann Beres

Patricia Beyer

Mary Jean Blaha

Lynn Brandon

Catherine Carpenter

Kathleen Chap

Kathleen Decker

Jeanne DeMark

Marian Groulik

Mary Hart

Sherryl Hegeman

Janet Hueffner
The St. John Nepomuk Graduating Class of 1964
Barbara Huennekens

Julie Jerstad

Jill Kenton

Marie Koenings

Janet Koll

Janice Koll

Susan Kosterman

Lonnie LaFave

Marcia LaFleur

Barbara Lampark

Kathleen Locke

Jeanne Meier

Anne Miels

Judy Mrazek

Linda Naleid

Christine Oertel

Marcia Orsted
Karen Petersen

Ann Postorino

Rita Postorino

Shirley Reichenberger

Elisabeth Schrader

Jane Simonsen

Donna Sollazo

Kathleen Staples

Nancy Stetka

Gretchen Stroemer

Mary Terselic

Terry Thomas

Kathleen Todish

Mary Tompack

Dawn Wells

LaVerne Wentzell
Sr. Idaberga
92 Graduates - 45 Girls - 47 Boys
George Baumgardt

Steven Bergemann

Stephen Blank

Thomas Boldus

James Covelli

Daniel D'Aquisto

Dennis Davies

Dennis Diem

Jeffrey  Dvorak

David Helbling

Stephen Highman

Robert Hinderholtz

William Horak
Sr. Caroline
Dennis Ittner

James Jakubowski

Anthony Karwowski

Mark Krejcha

James Kruse

Jerry Kruse

Thomas LaFave

Terrence Long

Michael Marchant

Edward Meininger

Jerome Milkie

Gregory Newman

Jeffrey Nilles

David Opahle

Michael Polach

Thomas Prochniak

Frank Ricchio
Thomas Rotz

Peter Ruskiewicz

Edward Salvo

Michael Schiro

Thomas Schoene

Gary Seal

John Sisak

Michael Soens

Michael Spang

Jerome Steimle

Paul Steimle

Al Strini

Kent Swanson

Daniel Wanserski

Robert Wenner

Donald Wick

Kenneth Zach
Note: Raymond Roland moved to Florida in April, 1964 due to his dad's job transfer.

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 Please feel free to forward any comments or suggestions you may have about our website to our reunion committee.

The Current Members of Our Reunion Committee
Mary Jean Blaha

Mike Schiro

Jerry Steimle

Paul Steimle
Class of 1964

  Top 10 Graduating Classes by Size . . .
Here is a list of the 10 largest graduating classes by size over the 100 year history of St. John Nepomuk School.  We are one of only three classes that had more than 90 students graduating:
Class of 1965 - 94 graduates         Class of 1967 - 84 graduates
Class of 1964 - 92 graduates         Class of 1962 - 82 graduates
Class of 1961 - 91 graduates         Class of 1966 - 82 graduates
Class of 1968 - 89 graduates         Class of 1970 - 77 graduates
Class of 1963 - 85 graduates         Class of 1941 - 69 graduates

Please let us know if you can provide our reunion committee
with any information or leads (i.e. siblings, family members,
friends, city, state, phone, email, etc.),
that would help us contact the classmates listed above.
Thank you so much for your help.