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Class of 1964
St. John Nepomuk's
  We Remember
To submit additional memories from our days at SJN
Our memories include . . .
Being a hall monitor

Gum wrapper chains . . . how long can they get ?

The squeaky, worn, wooden stairs at the front of the school

Safety patrols

Rumbles behind the church after school

Fr. Rodriguez always coming out on the playground to   
play with us

Sr. Joselda and Sr. Virgil . . . the smiling nuns

The smell of the purple ink on papers that were run on the
mimeograph machine

Basketball games played at the Lakeview gymnasium

Bohemian Stations of the Cross with Fr. Macek . . . I never          understood a word
The corner stores before Mass and after school

The old red-brick rectory

CYO dances

Sr. Menna reading to us in the afternoon

Singing in the choir for the morning Masses

Fr. Macek for confession and penance and the short lines for 
his confessional

Kneeling in front of the 8th grade boys class for misbehavior

Staying after school in 4th grade to copy the encyclopedia
pages as punishment

Walking to school and always being late for church

Being picked to go down to the school hall and deliver the milk cartons to the other classrooms in the morning
Being with the friends we grew up with

The 8th grade class trip to the Museum of Science and Industry

Waiting for Fr. Sukup to toss his cigarette into the grass after serving Friday night stations, then we'd run back to pick it up and finish it off

Mohair sweaters and learning the "twist"

Girl scouts with Ada and Mrs. Chap

Putting a thumb tack on Mrs. Holm's chair in 3rd grade, then   getting caught

The original "Blue Book" . . .  the Baltimore Catechism

Having to line up "double file" just to walk from school to church and back

Hot dog day

Sr. Caroline lining up all the boys on the playground and slapping all of them
Coke machines in the new building's school hall

May altars, pagan babies and singing in the choir

Looking at a Beatle's album cover in 8th grade . . . we all thought they looked awful but little did we know we'd be screaming over them by year-end

SRA cards

Nuns who always wore habits

Always getting the job of cleaning up the vomit in church with saw dust

Going for the "face-slap" record in the boys 8th grade class

Watching the expressions on parishioner's faces when the 8th grade boys sang for Fr. Macek's Silver Jubilee

Almost passing-out in first aid class in 8th grade

Sr. Menna slapping me in the face with both hands, then running out of the room to cry
Getting all dressed up for First Communion

Stories we had to compose in 8th grade using our spelling words

Fr. Macek getting mad during Mass because someone was misbehaving, then taking off his vestments, coming down from the altar and making the students await their fate in the sacristy

Our super cool 8th grade year book

Eating breakfast in the classroom after singing for morning Mass

Having to write 3,000 times "I will not flirt with the boys", then I misspelt "flirt" twice so I had to write it over again

My very first perm in 2nd grade

The Christmas Boys Choir Procession and carrying battery-operated candles

Split 8th grade classes - boys in one room and girls in the other

First love

Those long walks home from school

Sr. Caroline finding different ways to end a checker game early when she was loosing . . . the best one was standing up to put her shawl on and in the process swiping the board clean

Basketball games during recess using the bus garage hoop

Savings bond stamp day in 2nd grade

Sr. Wiltrudis hitting the students on the back of their heads with the history book

Metal lunch boxes with milk-filled thermoses

Always getting poked for kneeling in church with by butt touching the pew

Cloak rooms filled with coats, boots and lunch buckets

Mr. Konicek ringing the church bell in the morning and his accent when he spoke
How big and impressive it all seemed

Priests who said Mass in Latin

Mrs. Beyer making me do multiplication tables on the board in 5th grade and calling me stupid - I still attribute my math mental block to that experience

Sr. Caroline's stories - way too many to mention here

Two years of Sr. Elsa - almost as bad as the death sentence

Sr. Salvatia in 4th grade, made me wear a hat backwards to church because I always forgot to bring my hat

Watching the new section of the school being built

Mrs. Holms and slamming doors

Singing "One Little Candle"

Getting slapped in the face by Sr. Caroline

Reading comic books in the sacristy before and after Mass

CYO dances

Contouring 8th grade girls . . .  wow!

Playing Meekly behind the church

The 8th grade boys class with their tongues in their cheeks

Sr. Menna training the altar boys to serve Mass in Latin

Code words "Father Uncle Cousin Skating"

48 man power

Mr. Perch's Saints Band

Sr. Albertista's ruler slap, kneeling beside our desks if caught, and the spit balls on top of her habit
"Keep your hands out of your pockets boys"

Air-raid drills

A 4th grade April Fools joke on Mrs. Bergman - a fake mouse in the milk money box - she screamed, we laughed and then she covered the entire blackboard with assignments - after slaving all day she then wrote "April Fool" over the whole thing

Jumping rope on the playground

Overhearing Fr. Macek give penance to everyone who entered his confessional

Sr. Caroline coming into the room in tears to tell us about       President Kennedy's assassination

Spanish class with Sr. Wiltrudis

Playing marbles in the dirt

Afternoon exercise class with Sr. Caroline on the playground
Plastic flutes that the entire school had to purchase . . . I think they were black and silver in color

Folding those cardboard Lenten boxes each year with the slits in the top to drop our money in


Mrs. Bitter's cub scout pack

Lining up to get the cane from Fr. Macek

Our 8th grade graduation ceremony and dance in the school hall


Those narrow, squeaky stairs leading up to the choir loft in church

My favorite teacher . . . Sr. Rosaria in 2nd grade

Sr. Caroline following us home after school to make sure the boys and girls didn't walk home together
Getting a yard stick busted over my head by Sr. Wiltrudis

Girl scout camping at Trefoil Oaks

Dressing up as our patron saint in about 4th grade then going into the other classrooms to give a speech about the life of that saint

Eating lunch in the school hall and getting to buy soda from the new soda machine

School Masses every morning

The 8th grade suggestion box and getting in trouble for suggesting "Let the Trix Rabbit get the cereal"

Getting a sample of real sugar cane to eat in 3rd grade

The Rialto and Venetian theaters

The bums lining up at the convent for food and other hand-outs

Getting to leave the classroom early as crossing guard
Starting my holy card collection . . . I still have it

The big cement turtle . . . I think it's still there

Heavy yellow rubber rain coats with those big black buckles

All those fire drills . . . "boys keep your eyes down"

Serving Mass as an alter boy

Fr. Macek's big black Cadillac

Playing "ditch" in the alleys

Walking over to the corner store for candy at lunch time

Children's Theater and "Packy" the elephant

The year-end school carnival . . . what a fun way to end the year!
Fr. Macek with holes in his T-shirts when he answered the door at the rectory