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Class of 1964
St. John Nepomuk's
  Class Museum
Bell Tower
Inside School
This webpage contains some of our class memorabilia.  If you have any old artifacts from our days at SJN that you can scan or photograph and send to us please take the time to do so and we'll add them to our collection.  If you'd like us to scan or photograph your items, let us know and we'll make the necessary arrangements.
To submit additional items or ideas for our Class Museum
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Baltimore Catechism
Pagan Baby Adoptions
Class Ribbons
Balt Catechism p14, 16, 17
Balt Catechism p37
Balt Catechism p25, 26
Balt Catechism p89, 90
Balt Catechism p38, 52, 53
Balt Catechism p21
8th Grade Holy Cards
Fire Escapes
Corner Stores
Safety Patrols
Inside Church
First Communion
8th Grade Songs
Server Awards
Report Cards
(Note:  Artifacts only - no personal pictures of classmates please)
  8th Grade   Girls Schedule
  School  Pin